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Name:Sterek Campaign
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Over the seasons, Teen Wolf has changed and so has fandom. As such, the Sterek Campaign is changing to best fit the needs and desires of our fellow Sterek shippers. We’ve decided to shift focus, as we’ve noticed that this fandom needs us more than ever. That’s why our new goal is to ensure that fandom has a positive and safe outlet where they can express themselves and have fun together. OTPshippers and Multishippers equally, everyone is welcome to celebrate and enjoy Sterek with us!

We want to start over, and so we’ve redone ourselves! Starting with a new image, which includes a new logo, tagline and theme. But not only our appearance has changed, we’ve also tweaked the core values of the project. That’s why we present to you our new Mission Statement and FAQ. We believe it’ll help everyone understand our new focus better.

We want to move on past our origins into a new tomorrow. We’ll always love the fantastic logo we started with, representing a mocking political campaign. But the times have changed. We believe the Sterek Campaign’s main focus should be to make people happy. That’s why our new admin created this amazing logo, representing the new spirit of our group. The apostrophe with the heart represents our union with fandom and how we’re here to bring you guys love.

From now on we are, if you will, campaigning to support and love our fellow shippers. We want everyone to consider the SC a safe haven. We’re here because we love Sterek and this fandom! We’re sad when you are sad and excited when you’re excited because we are a pack. And it’s time to howl together again!

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