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Smile for the camera!

Many of you remember the adorable Sterek paper dolls that [ profile] reborngpcreated for Sterek fandom. We’ve decided to team up with her to take the toys to a whole new level! Here’s how it’s going to work:

We want all of you to take photos with the dolls and post them on tumblr (if you want to post to DW or LJ rather then tumblr PLEASE comment here with a link so we can find them!). These photos can be of anything, so be as creative as you can be. Tell a story with them, re-enact canon, make a joke, take the dolls for a tour of your city - we want it all!

You can print the toy cutouts here, and Gisele has also provided us with this tutorial for how to put them together.

Once you’ve got your dolls and your shot, post them to your tumblr with the tag #SCPhotos (make sure it’s within the first 5 tags so we can find it!) and our affiliate over at [profile] teamsterekonline will reblog them all to showcase your photography (be sure to follow so you don’t miss it!). Other great tags to include are #sterek, #haleinski, and #eternalsterek.

During the final week of hiatus, we’ll pick our top 5 favorites based on quality, creativity, and general Sterekness. We’ll be giving away the following prizes to the top 5:

1 Season 3A DVD set + Exclusive Calendar.

1 Season 3A DVD set.

Hale iPhone Case + 1 Stiles card.

Set of Hoechlin magazines + 1 Sterek card.

1 Sterek Valentine’s card.

Each of the top five will also receive an I ♥ Sterek wristband and all other participants will receive a surprise Sterek prize!

Is everyone ready? Set? Go go go!!!


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