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Well, we certainly had a lot of fun with the March Meta Madness, and we hope you did as well! Our archive (located here) is well on the way to becoming a library of meta teeming with amazing theories and detailed observations. We ended up with a lot of non-Sterek meta as well. We will be leaving submissions open for meta, if you find links or write meta that you think should be included in the archive! The archive will remain open from now on.

Now we would like to present to you our April Call to Love: Fandom for Sterek! We will be creating a series of videos of fans and fan voices, raised in support of Sterek and Teen Wolf!

What we are asking:

We are asking that you guys, the fans, submit to us short video (or audio) clips of you reciting one (or more!) of the following lines:

  • “I’m _(identifier)_ and I ship Sterek.”

  • For this, “identifier” means for you to include how you would like to be identified. This should not be your name, but it can be an online handle, your age, your gender/religion/race/sexuality/whatever else. The point of this line is to display the diversity of the fans who watch Teen Wolf and support Sterek, so state as few or as many identifiers as you like!

  • “We’re on a ship. Pun intended!”

  • “We are the alphas!” or “I am an alpha!”

  • “Teen Wolf Season 3!”

  • “Jeff Davis is a gift!”

  • “I’m howling for Teen Wolf Season 3!” (feel free to include yourself or others actually howling!)

  • “Moondays are back June 3rd!”

Who can participate:

Anyone with the ability to submit a video! If you don’t want to be seen on camera, a paper sign or a stuffed animal will do just as well, or even just a sound recording of the line (or lines) you want to say! Our lovely video editor can put audio over a picture, no problem!

When should you post:

We will accept videos any time during the month of April!

Where should you post:

You can post your video clips to and send us a link via our Tumblr askbox or our gmail account ( If your file is small enough, you can send them directly to our gmail! If you have another video-posting site or file sharing program that will allow us to download your video file for use, that works just as well!

Our goal for this month’s campaign is two-fold. We would first love a chance to showcase the diversity of the Sterek fandom and supporters of the ship. Secondly, we would love to showcase the fandom’s enthusiasm for the upcoming season! We know everyone is getting excited as the premiere date nears, and we’d like your help in making these videos to help spread around the new season’s premiere!

Some answers for your questions:

1. If you are NOT a Sterek shipper, you can still contribute to this Call to Love! You can join in by submitting one or more of the following video or audio lines, to be added to the non-Sterek-centric videos:

  • “I’m _(Identifier)_, and I love Teen Wolf!”

  • Again, the identifier should not involve your name, but can be an online handle, your age, your gender/religion/race/sexuality/whatever else. The point of this line is to display the diversity of the fans who watch Teen Wolf,

  • “Jeff Davis is a gift”

  • “I’m howling for Teen Wolf Season 3!” (feel free to include your real howl!)

  • “Teen Wolf Season 3″

  • “Moondays are back June 3rd!”

2. If you do not want to be on camera, an audio file will do just as nicely as a video file. You can also substitute what is in front of the video camera; a stuffed animal, a written sign with your line, a plate of cookies. You can be creative with what represents you on your screen!

3. You do not have to submit all of the lines! If you only like one or two of them, then just submit those. If you are submitting more than one, you do not have to split them up into different videos or audio tracks. You also don’t have to put them all on one video. Either way works for us, so do whatever is easiest for you.

IMPORTANT: We want to reinforce the non-demanding nature of the Sterek Campaign project. This is, above anything else, an expression of our love and support. Yes, this campaign is about Sterek, but it is NOT about demanding Sterek so please do not ask, beg, or demand.

Our message is that because of everything the show has already done, whether Jeff Davis chooses Sterek or not, we will love and support him and his show. Because that’s what The Call To Love campaigns are about – love and support for the future.

So please, if you participate, keep this in mind. This is supposed to be fun, we want Jeff Davis to have a good time with his fanbase.

We’re looking forward to the June 3rd return of Moondays, are you?


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