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Remember the Surprise Charity we mentioned? It’s finally here!

For just 48 hours beginning this Saturday June 13th at 12am EST, we’ll be opening purchases of the Sterek Book (click the link to see the PDF of the book!) so that you can have your very own copy!

The books will be sold on Lulu for $17 apiece and $4 of each purchase will go directly to charity! (The remaining $13 will go to individual printing expenses. Shipping costs are separate.) This sale will only be open for 48 hours, ending on Sunday, June 15th at Midnight EST.

We have decided to donate the proceeds of this charity to an LGBTQ Youth Center in NYC! The Ali Forney Center works within New York to combat homelessness for LGBTQ youth by providing shelter, food and counseling services to rejected LGBTQ youth in need. Watch this video to check out what the Center is all about!

Starting today, you can also donate directly through PayPal! To donate, simply log into PayPal and send money to our email account, We’ll collect donations throughout next week until Sunday, June 15th at Midnight EST. At the end of the book sale, we’ll send all of the proceeds directly to Ali Forney Center!

We’re really excited about this opportunity to help out such an important and impactful organization, and we hope you are too :)

Reblog to spread the word!!
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