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The Sterek Campaign Hereby Presents the Official Wolf Pack Charity Project Fanworks Auction of 2013!

We had posted previously that we are going to be hosting a Teen Wolf fanworks charity auction again this year to benefit the Wolf Haven International wolf sanctuary, and we are here today to give the full details of this year’s auction!

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Why a fanworks auction?

Hosting a fanworks auction is a great way to engage the fandom in both working together to create new media for everyone to enjoy as well as to spur donations forward for Wolf Haven International. It gives fandom a chance to commission things they might otherwise not have access to (most writers do not offer commissions and there are artists participating who do not offer commissions either), and enjoy more fiction/fanart from their favorite authors or artists. More real-world crafted items can help to spread the news about Teen Wolf to people in the outernet, which is only good for our show and in turn, our ships. It also provides people a chance to get something in return for donating to the wolves (aside from just feeling great about giving aid to such wonderful creatures who are in need).

So, start browsing the master lists of participants (Authors here, Artists here, Crafters here), start checking out their fanfiction or their fanart, or their items now, and get an idea of who you’d like to bid upon when the time comes. We look forward to seeing you there!

Still have questions? Shoot us an Ask on Tumblr ([ profile] sterekcampign) or comment here, and we’ll do our best to edit this post to include the answer!


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