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Congratulations Pack!

Once again, you have outdone yourselves. Our goal this year was to raise $5,000 to get Tyler Posey a lifetime membership to Wolf Haven International and we did it! We were able to raise a total of $7,701.71 in fandom donations to help the 50+ wolves and wolfdogs at WHI. Along with this, Tyler Posey, like Jeff Davis before him, has received a lifetime membership to WHI, so that he can visit the wolves we’ve “adopted” whenever he likes.

In total, the Teen Wolf fandom has sent $19,627.29 to Wolf Haven International in the last two years to care for their animals and continue their incredible conservation efforts. And it’s all thanks to you! This fandom rocks and we do awesome things when we band together, so be proud!

Once again, we want to thank all of the donors and volunteers that took part in our Wolf Pack Charity Project auctions. None of this would be possible without you. We hope to work with all of you again in the future!
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We are welcoming in the new year by wrapping up our Wolf Pack Charity Project!

We are attempting to raise at least $5,000 to adopt the entire wolf pack of Wolf Haven International. There are over forty wolves at the sanctuary, and the fandom’s donation will help provide food, medical care, and enrichment for all of them! Last year fandom’s donation of $10,000 gave the sanctuary the ability to build a brand new deck pen, which allows the volunteers to introduce new wolves to the older wolves in residence.

Last year, the donation was made in Jeff Davis’ name, which granted him a lifetime membership to the sanctuary. This allows him to visit for special tours, gave him a certificate of adoption for the pack, a paving stone on their walking paths, and the ability to become a “keeper for a day” and experience helping care for the wolves.

This year, we would like to make the donation in Tyler Posey’s name. If we can raise our goal of $5,000, the sanctuary would be able to give him a lifetime membership as well. As of the moment, we are still about $1,000 short of this goal!

We are attempting to raise the rest of the donations by hosting a second-chance auction for all of the fiction/artwork commissions and crafts that were unclaimed after the first auctions. You can find these auctions here if you would like to bid on fanworks. Donations made through the auction will go 100% to the sanctuary, and you’ll get something lovely in return!

For those of you that would like to help the wolves just by donating directly to the sanctuary (not through us), they are hosting a page for the charity here that allows fans to donate through PayPal. If you’d like to make a credit card donation, you can still use that page, or you can donate through their main donation page. If you use the main donation page, be sure to select "Teen Wolf donation" so that it counts!

Let’s work together and ring in the new year by helping a sanctuary full of wolves!
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We have officially opened our second chance auctions to bids, so make your bids on the wonderful authors, artists and crafters available this time around, don’t miss out! You have until Friday January 10th at 6PM EST to bid!

Currently we are roughly $1,000 away from being able to donate enough to earn a lifetime membership for Tyler Posey by adopting the entire pack at Wolf Haven International! We’d like to also remind everyone that you can donate directly on this page for credit cards and this page for paypal!

Both links are on Wolf Haven International’s actual site, and donations made through either will go directly to them.

Remember that your bid will go toward helping the wonderful Wolf Haven International and their beautiful wolf pack. So take a moment, browse the list, and get ready to spark some creativity in the name of a great cause! Let’s ring in the new year with good will, Pack!

Important: Always leave your email address if you bid on someone. We’ve been having issues with the LJ messages system.

» List of Authors, Artists and Crafters to bid on «
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The artists charity auction is now closed. Thanks everyone who participated!

The crafters charity auction will be hosted next week, December 6-9th.

CRAFTERS CALL 2013 - Open until December 4th
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Hey everyone!

This is our reminder that the first of the charity auctions, the fiction auction, begin TODAY(Oct 8th) at 6pm EST! We will have all of the authors and their auctions listed tomorrow, and will post a link to the master post for the auction before 6pm, so keep an eye out!

This year there will be plenty of authors to choose from, and 100% of your donation will be sent along to Wolf Haven International to help care for the wolves and wolfdogs living permanently at their sanctuary. So put on those bidding hats and let’s get ready to do some good!
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Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others! We at the SC would like to welcome you to the new year (we know, we’re a little late!) and offer up to you the second half of our Wolf Pack Charity Project!

In the past month we have gotten our auctions wrapped up and payments organized, and you folks managed to raise over $9,000 for Wolf Haven International! We still have two weeks left, and in those two weeks we have a few special treats left!

First up, next weekend we will be hosted a Second Chance Charity Auction, which will include fanfiction, fanart, and crafts that were not grabbed during our first round auctions! We will be offering these auctions at a discount, just to sweeten the deal and get our beautiful adopted pack as much as possible before our Wolf Pack Charity Project ends!

  • Fanfiction at 200 words per $1!

  • Fanart at 25% off original prices!

  • Fan Crafts at 25% off original prices!

The Second Chance Charity Auction will be taking place starting at 6pm EST on January 18th and ending at 11:59pm EST on January 20th. Just like our first auction, it will be hosted on our Livejournal, with the same bidding rules.

To wrap up our auctions, we have a very special event for you guys! Wolf Haven International is going to have one of their coordinating volunteers visit our Ustream channel! We will be bringing you a one hour live broadcast with Wolf Haven International on Monday, January 21st beginning at 6pm EST.

WHI will be joining us to talk about their wolves and their sanctuary, and they will be bringing along links to fandom-only videos of their wolves! We will be linking to the private videos in the Ustream’s chat channel, so be sure to tune in with us! We will also be opening the chat to questions, so if there is anything you’d like to ask WHI personally, this is a golden opportunity to have it answered live!

We’ll open the Sterek Campaign Chatzy room for talk beforehand, so feel free to join early!

With just two weeks left in this campaign, we have about a thousand dollars to go before we double our original goal. Let’s give it a good shot, Fandom, and show the wolves everything we can do when we put our paws together!


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