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Aug. 27th, 2012 09:14 pm
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Because we promised to give you a reason to be excited about a Monday again:

The admins of TSC have decided that we would like a chance to both support MTV’s Teen Wolf and to thank the fandom for participating in our first Call to Love. We know we are going to get a lot of great submissions (we’ve already received a few!) and we wanted a way to recognize our favorites. So, on the 18th, after everything is said and done, we will set aside some time and pick our three favorite submissions. We’ve gotten together amongst ourselves the money to purchase 3 official pieces of Teen Wolf merchandise, and will gift them to our three favorites after the event!

If you would like to be eligible to receive this thank you, please make sure there is some way for us to get in touch with you included in your submission (like a tumblr/twitter/LJ/whatever name at least!).

We’ve chosen to use all official merchandise for these prizes, to further our support of this show and cast and creator. Our top favorite pick will receive their choice of either the Teen Wolf first season DVDs or a copy of the second season DVDs when they are released. Our second favorite will receive one of the MTV sponsored “Never Love A Wild Thing” t-shirt. Our third favorite will receive a copy of the Teen Wolf novel On Fire.

These will be our way of saying THANK YOU for helping to support Jeff Davis, for supporting Teen Wolf, for supporting Sterek. We know there will be a huge turnout of love and affection for all of these anyway, but we have been so overwhelmed by everyone being so awesome that… well, we just want to wolf pack snuggle the heck out of all of you in our own way! Hopefully we will be able to share this love 100x with Jeff when the time comes!

We look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions in the coming weeks until the 17th!


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