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Fandom, you have outdone yourselves! We set out with our Wolf Pack Charity Project on a two-month campaign to have the fandom raise $5,000 toward adopting the wolf pack of Wolf Haven International in Jeff Davis’ name.

We asked you folks to offer your time and effort to our fanfiction, fanart, and fancraft auctions, and the result was astounding- over 100 authors, over 50 artists, over 30 crafters volunteered to help us raise the money for the sanctuary. Many of you offered multiple auction slots, resulting in over 400,000 words won, 90 pieces of art, and 75 crafts, from cell phone charms to quilts to perfume and stuffed animals.

The result is that we were able to make a fandom-raised donation of $7,878.59 USD to Wolf Haven International today, with some donations still pending to us (which we will transfer with second-chance auction donations).

So fandom, we just want to say: YOU ARE AMAZING! We are still not done with this project, but you have already surpassed our tentative, original goal. Not only that, but you guys are well on your way to doubling it!

We look forward to working with you guys in the new year, as we have some special events planned for January’s part of the Wolf Pack Charity Project. We will be running second chance auctions for the auction slots that were missed in the first round of bidding. We will also be getting one of the volunteers from the sanctuary on our Ustream, as well as hopefully offering live stream video of the wolves you guys are helping to adopt! AROOO!

We also hope to have some more interaction with MTV Act this month, as well as the world at large, so don’t stop spreading the news yet! Let’s welcome in the new year with a true pack feeling of love and support for our furry friends!
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While the auction is over for now, direct donations are still open for our Wolf Pack Charity Project!

This project will continue to run through the end of January, so you haven’t missed your chance to help protect these gorgeous wolves! (Click link to to find the direct donations page on Wolf Haven International’s site.)
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Because LJ has spent the day undergoing emergency maintenance, we're closing the artists auction Dec 20th at noon EST.

This gives everyone an extra 12 hours to place their bids.

We will also open the posts of our crafters to the public with closed comments on the 20th. And we will unlock them at 6PM EST the next day, Dec 21th.

Happy bidding, everyone!
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Take a look at our artists and decide who you want to bid on HERE.
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Counting Down to Auction Launch!!

Tomorrow the SC will launch the first of 3 sets of fanworks auctions, the Author Auction!

This event will begin at 6pm EST (Dec. 13th) and close at 11:59pm EST on Dec. 15th. Bidding will occur in the comments section of the auction listings.

For information about how the auction works, click here. To find the master list of available authors with links to their auctions, click here!

We received over 100 authors offering over 150 fiction commissions- IMPRESSIVE!

We just want to take a moment to remind the fandom that this is an excellent opportunity for artists to commission authors to write fics for their artwork. This is an opportunity for non-writers to see their prompts put into story format for them to read. If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite author, someone you follow, or someone that follows you write a piece, now is your chance!

Remember as well that every 100 words you commission also means another dollar toward helping the wonderful Wolf Haven International and their beautiful wolf pack. So take a moment, browse the list, and get ready to spark some creativity in the name of a great cause!
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We had posted previously that we were going to be hosting a Teen Wolf fanworks charity auction to benefit the Wolf Haven International wolf sanctuary, and we are here today to give the full details of the auction!

What is this event? )

Where will this event be held? )

How will this all work?? )

How do the fiction auctions work? )

How do the art auctions work? )

How do the craft auctions work? )

Who will be auctioning fanworks? )

Sign ups for participating will close on December 10th, so please make sure you send your e-mail to the SC at with the information found in these calls:

Authors Call

Artists Call

Crafters Call

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT have to be a Sterek AAC! We are in fact still searching for people who are willing to do works outside of Sterek. While many of the AACs that have already volunteered are willing to create for pairings outside of Sterek, but it would be great to have more diversity!

Who can bid on the auctions? )

When will these fanwork auctions be held? )

Why a fanworks auction? )

So, start browsing the master lists of participants (Authors here, Artists here, Crafters here), start checking out their fanfiction or their fanart, or their items now, and get an idea of who you’d like to bid upon when the time comes. We look forward to seeing you there!

Still have questions? Shoot us an Ask on Tumblr or pm [personal profile] lunarwolfik and we’ll do our best to edit this post to include the answer!
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The Sterek Campaign’s Fourth Call to Love is a Go! Introducing The Wolf Pack Charity Project!

We are very pleased to announce that for the next two months, we have partnered up with MTV Act and Wolf Haven International rescue to bring the entire Teen Wolf fandom a chance to help a beautiful wolf sanctuary care for its wolves!

What is Wolf Haven International?

Wolf Haven International (WHI) is a beautiful 82-acre wolf rescue and sanctuary located in Tenino,WA. Since 1982 they have helped to rescue and care for over 170 captive-born wolves. They also participate in Species Survival Plans (SSP) (ie: foster programs) for the incredibly endangered Mexican grey wolf and the similarly endangered red wolf. They work to maintain healthy and stimulating environments within the sanctuary for the wolves, educate the public on our furry friends, and provide some really stellar care for their residents; and let us just say, they have some wolves after our own hearts!

Remember when this circulated the fandom??


Sanctuaries like this are always in need of donations, monetary and material. They do not get federal funding to care for their rescues or the wolves in their SSP program. There is no profit in running this sort of much-needed safe haven for these beautiful creatures. The volunteers have to somehow find the ability to pay for the food, the enclosures, the water bills, the enrichment toys, and all the other various costs accrued through their work to protect their residents.

This is where we come in! This is where we can help! This is where we can extend a paw that could save lives down the road. Because that is what sanctuaries like Wolf Haven International do. They save lives. They are brought in to bad situations, like that of the absolutely gorgeous Eve, who spent nine years of her life strung out on an 8-foot drag chain at the same filthy road side attraction as Klondike, their newest resident. Both of these animals, as well as many others, have found a safe, clean, lifelong home at Wolf Haven International.

Want to meet the other wolves we are adopting? Please do! Come see playful Shadow or drop by beautiful Caedus’ page. You can see shy Siri and brave Jacque as well! For the entire pack gallery, just click here! Look at all those adorable faces you will be helping! Want to hear their pack howling? Come visit the homepage!

To the Teen Wolf fandom, we just want to say: can you hear them? They’re howling to us. They need our help. They need help from all of us. So let’s get together on this! Let’s howl back, fandom.

Let’s show them what our wolf pack can do to protect our kindred spirits!

Wolf Pack Charity Project, GO! What we are doing:

This will be a two month project during which we will be offering both direct donations through this page (we will get a link to a WHI hosted page posted there and to our Tumblr when they get it posted) as well as hosting charity auctions for art, fiction and crafts on our Livejournal during the month of December. We will be raising money toward helping the sanctuary pay for the care of all of their residents by adopting their entire pack, comprised of 43 wolves and 5 wolfdogs (and we even get to help their two resident coyotes, Cody and Carosal, n’aww.)

We will be, perhaps, the first wolf pack to adopt a wolf pack!

  • Our overall goal for this project is to raise at least $5,000 in order to adopt the entire wolf pack of Wolf Haven International in Jeff Davis’ name. If we can reach our goal, we will be able to present to him an adoption certificate for the Wolf Haven Pack from the Teen Wolf fandom. We are in discussion with the Haven to offer Jeff a chance to come be a Keeper For A Day and see behind the scenes at the rescue with a private tour, amongst other goodies.

  • Why the whole pack? Originally we had intended to adopt one wolf, and shower it with our attention and love. But in the course of researching the rescues, in talking to the people who ran them and learning about the wolves that call this particular sanctuary home, we decided that it isn’t about just one wolf. Just like this cannot be about one part of the fandom. We are one part of a large, beautiful pack; the Teen Wolf pack. So instead of one wolf, instead of the Sterek fandom, we are asking everyone to unite; for our entire Teen Wolf pack to care for WHI’s entire pack.

We know you guys can do this! How we are doing it:

  • We will be offering the ability to directly donate to Wolf Haven International for the entire two month period. Donations made directly to WHI are tax deductible for those of you in the USA. As with the payment for the cookies project, money donated through the page hosted either by us or by WHI will go directly to Wolf Haven International, not to the Sterek Campaign. They will be accept credit card payments on their site, as well as Paypal!

  • For this event, WHI will be creating a special item slot in their online store, which will be linked to on the Wolf Pack Charity Project’s donations page on our own and the WHI site. We will post a direct link to the item the moment they have it listed! This item is for those wishing to pay through credit cards rather than through Paypal. People may select this “item” from their store and designate an amount of their choosing to donate.

  • As to the auctions, we will be hosting three sets of 2.5 day auctions beginning with the fanfiction commission auction hosted Dec. 13th-15th. The art commission auction will be hosted Dec. 17th-19th. The crafted items auction will be hosted Dec. 20th-22nd. These will be posted to our Livejournal community with more precise information about bidding on their given dates. We will be posting more detailed information about how the auction works in another post.

  • Once we have the official WHI donation page link, we will also be creating a flyer with tear-off tags holding the Teen Wolf page on the Wolf Haven International website, so that people in your area that are not part of our online community can have a chance to donate. If you can, please print copies of this and post them where you are allowed! This will help spread the news to places we couldn’t otherwise reach.

What you can do:

  • For information about how to become one of the artists, authors, or crafters for the auction, you can click the links below! We need to have our creators collected and organized by the evening of December 10th so please get in touch with us as soon as possible to help out!

  • Artists click here!

  • Authors click here!

  • Crafters click here!

  • If you know other artists, authors, or crafters who you think would like to participate, please have them contact us ASAP! Master list for participating artists can be found HERE. Master list for participating authors can be found HERE. Master list for participating crafters can be found HERE.

    Some answers for your questions:

    1. Do you have to be a part of the Teen Wolf fandom to participate?

    OF COURSE NOT! If you want to pass the donation page around to your friends and family, please do! They can donate to this cause regardless of whether they have ever seen the show or not. Everyone is welcome to become a part of helping protect these majestic creatures.

    2. Is there a minimum donation?

    We don’t believe so! We’re sure that WHI will be thankful for any amount you guys can donate. We will say that we have around 1,600 following our campaign blog on Tumblr and if every one of you donated just $5, we would easily surpass our goal of $5k. In fact, we would almost double it.

    3. Is the Sterek Campaign getting any monetary profit out of this?

    Absolutely none at all. The Sterek Campaign is simply heading up the charity project for WHI. All the money from donations raised through the auction events will go directly to the Wolf Haven International sanctuary from us after the last of the auctions end. All money donated through the page they are hosting (located here) goes directly to them.

    4. How are you collecting the money for the fandom auctions?

    To avoid confusion with WHI’s direct donations, the Sterek Campaign will be collecting the auction donations in one place first, through our official Paypal ( MTV will be verifying both our own and WHI’s addresses. This allows us to ensure that all auction winners have paid without having to bother the sanctuary with those arrangements. We want to make this as easy as possible on the them!

    Once the auctions have ended and the winning donations have been collected, we will transfer the total amount to Wolf Haven International’s Paypal and post a screen shot for the fandom to see how much they have raised so far!

    5. How can we pay for the auctions? How can we pay to the rescue?

    For the auctions, we can only accept payments to our Paypal. But, Paypal offers a way to pay through a credit card without registering through them! So if you don’t have a Paypal account and want to pay through a credit card, they can still help you.

    Wolf Haven International can accept both Paypal and credit card payments through their page if you want to give a direct donation. We will get the donation page on their site linked to everyone as soon as we can!

    6. What’s the involvement of the MTV/MTV Act/Teen Wolf in all this?

    These groups will be helping us to advertise and get the word out about our project. We are hoping to spread word of this as far as possible- around the world if we can! They are in complete support of the project and will be helping to verify that all donations reach where they are intended to go. They will be helping us coordinate the delivery of at least the adoption certificate to Jeff at the end of the project.

    (They’re also as excited as puppies to be helping out wolves with us! So sweet, right? D’awww.)

    IMPORTANT: We want to reinforce the non-demanding nature of all Sterek Campaign projects. This is, above anything else, an expression of our love and support for Jeff Davis and his wonderful show, Teen Wolf. This project is not about demanding anything; this is about the fandom of Teen Wolf - the entire fandom this time - paying it forward for the wonderful gift of a show we have been given.

    That is what the Call To Love campaigns are about - love and support for the future.

    So, our lovely Teen Wolf Pack, get out there and start helping our soon-to-be-adopted wolf pack! Let’s share some pack love! We’ll give the first smooch :)

    (Photos are by Julie Lawrence and belong to Wolf Haven International. All are used with permission)
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Obviously we’ve recently been busy taking care of organizing the next Call to Love (which we promise is on the way, and awesome) and completing the #CookiesForSterek real world cookies order arrangements (great job there, fandom!). But it would seem that much has occurred in the meantime, and we just want to take a moment to maybe clear up some confusion, and help to bring everyone together again. We are a pack, a loving pack, so let’s try to remember and get back to that.

As you’re probably aware, Jeff put his Twitter account into protected mode last night (he did not delete it, as his @ still turns blue and becomes a link, and his profile pic is still preserved if you try to tweet him). This came as a shock to some, and (since he has mentioned taking a break from Twitter previously) was expected by others. With season 3 filming beginning Monday (woohoo), he is not going to have a lot of time. He is still writing episodes, after all! With the recent increase in negative chatter happening on his feed, it’s probably for the best that he has decided to take this break. Even if there had not been negative chatter, it’s best he avoids outside influence while writing the scripts; even if that means we do without him for a while. We will miss him, for sure!

Beginning last night, there has been a lot of talk and confusion about our most recent project, to send real cookies to Jeff and company on the set for the start of filming season 3. Some of it was understandably wary or unexpectedly outraged. There have been accusations that it was because of the cookies that Jeff protected his Twitter account; these are unfounded and not true at all. Jeff’s last tweet was, in fact, to thank us for sending the cookies. We know that in these stressful times, their arrival on Tuesday will be a bright moment for him. So let’s not stress ourselves out or blame one another on this account.

Of course, the cookies event is not the only stress factor the fandom has at the moment, and it’s showing.

There has also been a lot of debate about the new character being played by actress Haley Webb. The fandom has whipped itself into a frenzy on this account over rumors. And yes, they are completely unfounded rumors, because Jeff and company have not confirmed anything about her yet. A lot of people are fearing she is Derek’s new love interest, but she could just as easily be Lydia’s older sister. She could just as easily be a relative of Derek’s, as we have heard we will be hearing from more Hale family members.

Before we panic about this lovely woman’s role in season 3, let’s try to take the other path and assume she’s going to be amazing, and try to show her our good side (because we have one, and it’s amazing). Whatever role she is playing, Jeff wouldn’t have chosen her if she wouldn’t fit in with the already interesting casting choices he has made through the first two seasons. So, let’s try to wait until we hear actual, confirmed evidence before freaking out. And then let’s remember Jeff and company are fond of trolling us at every turn.

Alongside that casting choice, parts of the fandom (and indeed parts outside of our particular fandom as well) have been stressing themselves out over Jeff’s decision to cast a non-SEA actress for the role of Kali. This is, of course, upsetting to many people because they had drawn up expectations from the casting call that went out for this character. The character, as far as we knew, had been linked to the Indian goddess by the same name, although we were never told quite how. This casting decision is perhaps where most of the storm is occurring.

We want to say up front that those of you upset by his decision are not unjustified in being upset. You had expectations. You found yourselves feeling let down, some of you in major ways. This is not unreasonable, this is not wrong, this is not bad and no one should be telling you that it is. No one likes that feeling and while some of us may not understand your exact feeling as well as we hope, we are also not strangers to being let down after getting our hopes up.

That being said, it is certainly and absolutely wrong of anyone to try to blame any of this on Felisha Terrell. Those fans in our fandom directing hatred and negativity her way for landing the part are being disrespectful and wrong. We have every faith that she will take the role she has earned and run with it, because Jeff has not let us down in the department of his characters’ personalities. We know she will be amazing, and let’s be honest; we’ll probably end up shipping her with someone before the end of episode three.

As for Jeff’s casting choice in this instance, we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this particular decision. If there were additional measures of searching to be done, there’s a chance he found himself unable to take them. We don’t know if time became an issue when casting, if it pressured him into choosing earlier than he anticipated or wanted. Maybe he settled early, or maybe he saw something in Felisha that changed his mind about the character. The biggest problem at the moment is that we don’t know. There’s a vast number of things we don’t know, including whether or not Jeff will alter the character he had in mind after taking into consideration his casting choice. So please… let’s do our best to also reserve judgment on this until we see what he actually does.

Of course we can’t forget Dylan’s hair. Will it be long? Will it be short? The wait, the anticipation is killing some of us. But let’s not let this rile us up until we know for sure what we’re even in a tizzy about okay? Dylan loves his character a lot, and whatever final decision he has made, we know that he will pull it off for Stiles flawlessly.

With all of the above bouncing around the fandom, we think that perhaps the good has been lost on some. We have received images of the new cast members and they are quite the attractive bunch, to be honest. Our new alpha-of-alphas, Deucalion, is going to be played by completely sexy Gideon Emery. Have we all seen those eyes? We are beside ourselves excited to see him playing our bad guy! Let’s not get started on the twins; we are hoping that the Carver twins manage to bring to life the dichotomy we are expecting from Ethan and Aiden’s script snippet. Adelaide Kane is rocking into our lives as a mysterious newcomer with inside knowledge of werewolves. There is just so much potential in everything we have seen! Let’s take joy in that!

All in all, it’s been a rollercoaster of a week for our fandom. There’s been a lot going on and in the land of Hiatus, and some of it has set some of us a little on edge. But please, let’s remember that Jeff is human, and lashing out at him does no one any good. He has made some mistakes along the way, but he has also done a lot of great things, too. We have faith that we will see many more good things from him, and from this fandom as well. We know there is a lot of love, despite our transient worry, and we know that you guys will find your way back to it.

And when you do, we’ll be here with cocoa, cookies, and pack cuddles. We miss you, fandom. Come back to the love! We’ll be calling for you soon. :)
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We have seen some confusion about the cookies that were mailed to Jeff earlier today, so we want to take a moment to clear this misunderstanding up!

There were a grand total of 676 cookies sent to Jeff, packaged in 28 boxes of 24 cookies. The boxes look like the one pictured above. You can also clearly see pictured the thank you note included in each and every box.

Each of those boxes contained only ONE butter cookie printed with the SC logo (these are the “sterek” cookies people are freaking out about- they are not Sterek cookies, they are SC cookies). As the SC organized the entire project, the logo cookies are really not a plea or a demand. They are a tag, like signing a letter.

Each of those boxes contained 22 CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies.

Each of those boxes contained ONE butter cookie printed with the photo of the individual meant to receive the box (and by the way that face cookie above is for Russel Mulcahy, one of the directors).

So out of 676 cookies, only 28 of them had anything to do with Sterek at all, and it was not a demand for Sterek at all, it was the logo of the group that organized the project.

The cookies did not go only to Jeff, they went to the entire cast and crew, and extras were sent. All the cookies will be shared amongst everyone, as a gift for the start of filming.

We could not have done this project alone, either. Obviously we did not do this without asking (and obtaining) permission, and giving notification that this was going to happen. We’ve been working with someone from their end the entire time, and they are totally cool with this project. So while it may be some sort of surprise to some people (we are not sure how because this has been going on for literal months), it is not a surprise to the TW people. Jeff and company know what is going on, and they are excited about this.

If you see any of this information quoted wrongly, or see anyone attempting to make you feel bad about the wonderful, amazing show of support you guys have put forth to the entire cast and crew this week, don’t buy into it. If you are feeling bad about this, please, you don’t have to. This is absolutely a show of love and good feelings. We are a good fandom, and we have done well today.
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Well, fandom, you done good.

Yesterday we met with Canton’s Back Home Bakery at the UPS shipping store to see the 680 cookies you folks ordered on their way. They handed us back our camera with the photos they had taken, and let us take a peek inside one of the bakery boxes to see how the cookies all turned out.

The cookies themselves were beautiful. Each of the printed face cookies was individually wrapped and placed in its matching box, the name of the corresponding cast member scripted in gorgeous handwriting on the top. The Sterek Campaign and “Thanks from the Sterek Fandom” stickers were placed on either side of the lip of the box. Inside, on the roof of each box, was secured a personalized thank you note, written by the SC admins.

The bakery arrived toting the 28 boxes full of 2 dozen cookies each, and one extra box with four sealed, printed face cookies of our fallen friends (and enemies). The bakery boxes were divided into two shipping boxes. The first was a large, 80lb box of pure cookies and a thank you card to Jeff. The second contained 4 boxes of unlabeled cookies, the #HowlsforSterek real postcard envelope, and a special, secret present from the SC to Jeff to help him enjoy the cookies. We’ll post a picture of that gift when we hear the packages have arrived safely!

So, all in all, it was a GREAT day for us! The cookies will be arriving early Tuesday and getting to Jeff most likely the same day. There will be enough for everyone to share, and enjoy. We made sure to send the cookies off with a great big hug full of all the love the Sterek fandom has to offer to Jeff and the cast and crew. Farewell, cookies, and safe journey!

In case anyone was wondering about how tasty these cookies are going to be… well. The post office workers had received a “test” box of cookies last week to prepare the shipping estimate for everything, which the bakery told them to ENJOY! When we arrived early and told them we were there for the cookies shipment, they went WILD exclaiming how delicious the cookies were and that who-ever was receiving this package was a lucky dog.

We told them, a lucky wolf.


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