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The Battles rage on! We’ve got 18 brackets set for Round 3 of our Graphics Battles!

If you’ve signed up for a battle, please find your name HERE and get in contact with your partner to discuss posting time (anytime in the next 7 days!) and anything else you feel is necessary. When you post your graphics, make sure to use the tag #SCGFX within the first five tags so our affiliate over at [ profile] teamsterekonline can find your graphic!

We are also opening sign-ups for Round 4 of the Graphics Battles! Even if you signed up for previous rounds, you still must sign up for Round 4 so we can match you based on theme preferences.

Fourth round themes are:
Extreme negative space on 500px x 750px
Picspam in pastels on 500px x 750px

Fill out THIS FORM to sign up for Round 4, and we’ll be announcing brackets next Wednesday.

To keep up with our schedule, check out this calendar.

REMINDER! We’ve been so impressed with the incredible participation in our battles that we have decided that everyone who participates in the battles will receive a surprise Sterek prize!

Like this post if you can’t wait to see all the amazing Sterek graphics our talented artists make!


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