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You folks have been with us through thick and thin over the past 8 months and we have watched you guys accomplish some truly amazing things. We all dove into hiatus together and watched as the fandom baked hundreds of dozens of chocolate chip cookies around the world together. We wrote letters and meta, sent postcards, made videos. We pulled together and sent our showrunner, cast, and crew off on their season three filming journey with real, delicious, bakery-made chocolate chip cookies. We adopted an entire pack of almost 50 wolves and in the process created over 500,000 words of fiction and well over a hundred of pieces of artwork and crafts for the fandom.

In short, we took hiatus and we rocked it.

Now we are facing the other side (we made it!), with Season 3 of Teen Wolf just around the bend (less than a month!). There are a lot of new people moving into the fandom as the new season promos begin to air, and a lot of old fans who missed opportunities to join into every Call to Love we’ve made. So, to wrap up hiatus and bring everyone together one last time, we are announcing our final Call to Love, Scrapbook for Jeff.

For this Call, we are opening submissions for every previous Call to Love. We are planning on creating a physical scrapbook of all of the submissions from September to April, along with the fanchives page submissions about why we love Teen Wolf. We will be sending this along to Jeff and the cast once it is finished, as well as posting a digital copy for you guys and photos of the real one for everyone to see!

If you missed a Call to Love and wished you had submitted something, now is your chance! Everyone is invited to participate and catch up, both new and long-time fans! If you don’t remember all the Calls, here they are!

September – Cookies for Sterek

If you missed out on this Call to Love, you can still send us a photo of chocolate chip cookies you have baked in honor of Jeff and/or Sterek! You can submit through the site, through our submissions on Tumblr or email at

October – Howls for Sterek

If you missed out on this Call to Love, you can still send digital postcards from this page to us at our e-mail at! Write out what has YOU howling for Sterek! Additionally, you can submit a video of you howling! Just send it (or a link to it) to our e-mail at

November – Birthday For Sterek

If you missed out on this Call to Love celebration, you can still submit an RSVP message to telling the story of how you were brought into the fandom, or of how you brought someone else into the fandom!

December/January – Teen Wolf Pack Charity Project

If you missed out on this Call to Love charity project, we have re-opened donations through our donation page. You can also take this opportunity to donate through their donations area, and maybe adopt a wolf of your very own through them!

February – Hearts For Sterek

If you missed out on this Call to Love, you can now submit your Valentine’s Day card to us! You can submit through the site or else shoot us an e-mail submission at

March – Meta For Sterek

If you missed out on this Call to Love, you can still submit your favorite meta (Sterek or otherwise!) to us through our askbox on Tumblr or through our e-mail at! You can also submit new meta for any of our four meta prompts! Prompt 1 / Prompt 2 / Prompt 3 / Prompt 4

April – Fandom for Sterek

If you missed out on this Call to Love, we will be taking video submissions for a second promo video through the end of May! Just send the video (or the link to the video) to our e-mail at!

DON’T FORGET! We have a great submissions area especially for letters about why we all love Teen Wolf (outside of Sterek) that we will be including in the scrapbook!

IMPORTANT: We want to reinforce the non-demanding nature of the Sterek Campaign project. This is, above anything else, an expression of our love and support. Yes, this campaign is about Sterek, but it is NOT about demanding Sterek so please do not ask, beg, or demand.

Our message is that because of everything the show has already done, whether Jeff Davis chooses Sterek or not, we will love and support him and his show. Because that’s what The Call To Love campaigns are about – love and support for the future.

So please, if you participate, keep this in mind. This is supposed to be fun, we want Jeff Davis to have a good time with his fanbase.

All submissions will be due by May 31st, so don’t delay!

Let’s make some noise and get ready for Season 3!!


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