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Obviously we’ve recently been busy taking care of organizing the next Call to Love (which we promise is on the way, and awesome) and completing the #CookiesForSterek real world cookies order arrangements (great job there, fandom!). But it would seem that much has occurred in the meantime, and we just want to take a moment to maybe clear up some confusion, and help to bring everyone together again. We are a pack, a loving pack, so let’s try to remember and get back to that.

As you’re probably aware, Jeff put his Twitter account into protected mode last night (he did not delete it, as his @ still turns blue and becomes a link, and his profile pic is still preserved if you try to tweet him). This came as a shock to some, and (since he has mentioned taking a break from Twitter previously) was expected by others. With season 3 filming beginning Monday (woohoo), he is not going to have a lot of time. He is still writing episodes, after all! With the recent increase in negative chatter happening on his feed, it’s probably for the best that he has decided to take this break. Even if there had not been negative chatter, it’s best he avoids outside influence while writing the scripts; even if that means we do without him for a while. We will miss him, for sure!

Beginning last night, there has been a lot of talk and confusion about our most recent project, to send real cookies to Jeff and company on the set for the start of filming season 3. Some of it was understandably wary or unexpectedly outraged. There have been accusations that it was because of the cookies that Jeff protected his Twitter account; these are unfounded and not true at all. Jeff’s last tweet was, in fact, to thank us for sending the cookies. We know that in these stressful times, their arrival on Tuesday will be a bright moment for him. So let’s not stress ourselves out or blame one another on this account.

Of course, the cookies event is not the only stress factor the fandom has at the moment, and it’s showing.

There has also been a lot of debate about the new character being played by actress Haley Webb. The fandom has whipped itself into a frenzy on this account over rumors. And yes, they are completely unfounded rumors, because Jeff and company have not confirmed anything about her yet. A lot of people are fearing she is Derek’s new love interest, but she could just as easily be Lydia’s older sister. She could just as easily be a relative of Derek’s, as we have heard we will be hearing from more Hale family members.

Before we panic about this lovely woman’s role in season 3, let’s try to take the other path and assume she’s going to be amazing, and try to show her our good side (because we have one, and it’s amazing). Whatever role she is playing, Jeff wouldn’t have chosen her if she wouldn’t fit in with the already interesting casting choices he has made through the first two seasons. So, let’s try to wait until we hear actual, confirmed evidence before freaking out. And then let’s remember Jeff and company are fond of trolling us at every turn.

Alongside that casting choice, parts of the fandom (and indeed parts outside of our particular fandom as well) have been stressing themselves out over Jeff’s decision to cast a non-SEA actress for the role of Kali. This is, of course, upsetting to many people because they had drawn up expectations from the casting call that went out for this character. The character, as far as we knew, had been linked to the Indian goddess by the same name, although we were never told quite how. This casting decision is perhaps where most of the storm is occurring.

We want to say up front that those of you upset by his decision are not unjustified in being upset. You had expectations. You found yourselves feeling let down, some of you in major ways. This is not unreasonable, this is not wrong, this is not bad and no one should be telling you that it is. No one likes that feeling and while some of us may not understand your exact feeling as well as we hope, we are also not strangers to being let down after getting our hopes up.

That being said, it is certainly and absolutely wrong of anyone to try to blame any of this on Felisha Terrell. Those fans in our fandom directing hatred and negativity her way for landing the part are being disrespectful and wrong. We have every faith that she will take the role she has earned and run with it, because Jeff has not let us down in the department of his characters’ personalities. We know she will be amazing, and let’s be honest; we’ll probably end up shipping her with someone before the end of episode three.

As for Jeff’s casting choice in this instance, we don’t know the circumstances surrounding this particular decision. If there were additional measures of searching to be done, there’s a chance he found himself unable to take them. We don’t know if time became an issue when casting, if it pressured him into choosing earlier than he anticipated or wanted. Maybe he settled early, or maybe he saw something in Felisha that changed his mind about the character. The biggest problem at the moment is that we don’t know. There’s a vast number of things we don’t know, including whether or not Jeff will alter the character he had in mind after taking into consideration his casting choice. So please… let’s do our best to also reserve judgment on this until we see what he actually does.

Of course we can’t forget Dylan’s hair. Will it be long? Will it be short? The wait, the anticipation is killing some of us. But let’s not let this rile us up until we know for sure what we’re even in a tizzy about okay? Dylan loves his character a lot, and whatever final decision he has made, we know that he will pull it off for Stiles flawlessly.

With all of the above bouncing around the fandom, we think that perhaps the good has been lost on some. We have received images of the new cast members and they are quite the attractive bunch, to be honest. Our new alpha-of-alphas, Deucalion, is going to be played by completely sexy Gideon Emery. Have we all seen those eyes? We are beside ourselves excited to see him playing our bad guy! Let’s not get started on the twins; we are hoping that the Carver twins manage to bring to life the dichotomy we are expecting from Ethan and Aiden’s script snippet. Adelaide Kane is rocking into our lives as a mysterious newcomer with inside knowledge of werewolves. There is just so much potential in everything we have seen! Let’s take joy in that!

All in all, it’s been a rollercoaster of a week for our fandom. There’s been a lot going on and in the land of Hiatus, and some of it has set some of us a little on edge. But please, let’s remember that Jeff is human, and lashing out at him does no one any good. He has made some mistakes along the way, but he has also done a lot of great things, too. We have faith that we will see many more good things from him, and from this fandom as well. We know there is a lot of love, despite our transient worry, and we know that you guys will find your way back to it.

And when you do, we’ll be here with cocoa, cookies, and pack cuddles. We miss you, fandom. Come back to the love! We’ll be calling for you soon. :)


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