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Ladies, Gentlemen, and Others! We at the SC would like to welcome you to the new year (we know, we’re a little late!) and offer up to you the second half of our Wolf Pack Charity Project!

In the past month we have gotten our auctions wrapped up and payments organized, and you folks managed to raise over $9,000 for Wolf Haven International! We still have two weeks left, and in those two weeks we have a few special treats left!

First up, next weekend we will be hosted a Second Chance Charity Auction, which will include fanfiction, fanart, and crafts that were not grabbed during our first round auctions! We will be offering these auctions at a discount, just to sweeten the deal and get our beautiful adopted pack as much as possible before our Wolf Pack Charity Project ends!

  • Fanfiction at 200 words per $1!

  • Fanart at 25% off original prices!

  • Fan Crafts at 25% off original prices!

The Second Chance Charity Auction will be taking place starting at 6pm EST on January 18th and ending at 11:59pm EST on January 20th. Just like our first auction, it will be hosted on our Livejournal, with the same bidding rules.

To wrap up our auctions, we have a very special event for you guys! Wolf Haven International is going to have one of their coordinating volunteers visit our Ustream channel! We will be bringing you a one hour live broadcast with Wolf Haven International on Monday, January 21st beginning at 6pm EST.

WHI will be joining us to talk about their wolves and their sanctuary, and they will be bringing along links to fandom-only videos of their wolves! We will be linking to the private videos in the Ustream’s chat channel, so be sure to tune in with us! We will also be opening the chat to questions, so if there is anything you’d like to ask WHI personally, this is a golden opportunity to have it answered live!

We’ll open the Sterek Campaign Chatzy room for talk beforehand, so feel free to join early!

With just two weeks left in this campaign, we have about a thousand dollars to go before we double our original goal. Let’s give it a good shot, Fandom, and show the wolves everything we can do when we put our paws together!


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