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Welcome to the Sterek Campaign’s February Call to Love!

What an amazing two months we have just pulled to a close! In all you guys have donated OVER $10,000 to Wolf Haven International and in doing so have helped them to protect their 43 wolves and 5 wolf dogs amongst their other residents. GREAT JOB FANDOM!

A large portion of this AMAZING donation came from the Fanworks Auctions, held in both December and January and totaling well over $8,000 on their own! Not only that, but the auctions will be generating close to 500,000 new words of fanfiction, dozens of pieces of new artwork, and bringing many fans some really awesome Teen Wolf related crafts!

So all in all, our Wolf Pack Charity Project turned out very well and we are so proud of the fandom for pulling together for this! We are very grateful to all of the people who helped us to organize this and who donated their time, talent, and resources to this project. THANK YOU!

With the December/January Call to Love coming to a close, we can now open our next Call to Love: Hearts for Sterek!

- What we are asking

  • During the month of February we will be taking image submissions of you guys holding up your “hearts” for Sterek. Some examples we made:

  • You can make a heart with your hands (we covered the girl’s face because it’s a stock photo, but just take a photo of yourself, maybe holding a Sterek picture, or of your hands in front of your laptop, whatever you feel like doing!), or if you want to get creative you can make a digital or actual valentine card and send us a picture! Made valentines for the fandom? Send ‘em in too!

  • Don’t let these examples restrict you though! If you have another way to make a ‘heart’ for Sterek, feel free to get creative! Make a heart in the snow, or out of pebbles on a beach! If you’re an artist, feel free to draw some Valentine’s Sterek! We know how creative this fandom is, so we look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!

- Who can participate

  • Anyone! As long as you have the ability to take a picture, make a picture, scan a picture, or in some way submit an image to Tumblr, Twitter, Livejournal, Facebook, or our e-mail you can participate!

- When you should post

  • Any time in the month of February!

- Where to post

  • You can make your post to Tumblr and tag it with "HeartsForSterek" or "Sterek Campaign" and we will find it! You can also submit it directly to the Sterek Campaign blog, or send your image in an e-mail to If you want to post it to Twitter, make sure it’s hash tagged #HeartsForSterek so we can find it! If you make your submission on Facebook or Livejournal, send us an e-mail as well letting us know where it is so we can add it to our gallery when the site stops acting up!

This month is all about the love; love for Sterek, love for Teen Wolf, love for those involved in its creation, love for the fandom behind it! Especially love for the fandom; you guys totally deserve it after the past two months!

In the spirit of showing love, we at the SC would like to give a little bit of love back this month! So once again we are bringing out the Sterek Campaign admin awards! At the end of the month we will choose our top favorite Hearts for Sterek submission and award the creator their choice of 1st or 2nd season Teen Wolf DVDs! Our second favorite submission will receive a copy of the On Fire Teen Wolf novel. So get those submissions in, folks!

Some answers for your questions:

1. You DO NOT have to be pictured in the submission! If you want to make a valentine or draw hearts instead, that is perfectly acceptable!

2. You DO NOT have to ship Sterek to participate! We will happily take submissions for other ships, just be sure you label your submission so we can ensure it has the proper labels. Even if you do ship Sterek, you are welcome to submit a heart for another ship! Let’s share the love this Valentine’s!

3. Your entry does not have to be a photo or image! If you want to write a song or a fic or make a video or cupcakes or whatever, please do! As long as it’s Sterek/Teen Wolf related and is Heart/Valentine’s themed, we will happily accept it!

IMPORTANT: We want to reinforce the non-demanding nature of the Sterek Campaign project. This is, above anything else, an expression of our love and support. Yes, this campaign is about Sterek, but it is NOT about demanding Sterek so please do not ask, beg, or demand.

Our message is that because of everything the show has already done, whether Jeff Davis chooses Sterek or not, we will love and support him and his show. Because that’s what The Call To Love campaigns are about – love and support for the future. So please, if you participate, keep this in mind. This is supposed to be fun, we want Jeff Davis to have a good time with his fanbase.

Before we go, we just have one question for you guys…. Fandom, will you be our valentine this year?


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