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Come join the Sterek Campaign Fic Club!

There are three different parts to this club, to ensure everyone to have fun together. Here’s how it’s gonna work:

#1) The Sterek Campaign wants to celebrate the writers in this fandom.

We want to give them our love and share our favorite fics with Sterek shippers. So we are sharing two tropes each week and we need you to go out and find us some fics based on them! New fics, old fics, fics written by your best friend or fics written by someone you’ve never heard of.

Submit them to us HERE starting today! It’s very important that you start doing this right now so we get material to start working with.

We’ll compile these lists weekly and send them over to one of your favorite rec blogs - we’ve partnered with [ profile] theofficialstereklibrary, [ profile] werewolfwagon and [ profile] sterekhobrienfics - and they will publish new rec lists every Tuesday until the hiatus is over. We will be reblogging each list and will compile a masterpost during the final week. So please, be sure to follow them to help spread the love!

#2) Let’s show our authors some love!

We love our Sterek authors, so the Sterek Campaign created this simple template to encourage readers to spread the love. Our goal is for you to use this template and review your favorite fics. Publish your review on tumblr or leave it as a comment on the fic, it’s your choice! This is an amazing way to not only spread awareness about the great fics we’re reading, but also to show love to the authors.

Each author puts a lot of time and effort into giving us glorious stories to enjoy, so how about a simple challenge: for every three fics you read, leave at least one comment and two kudos throughout this hiatus! It’s a small act that really does go a long way for the authors.

#3) A call to authors!

We already have 24,031 entries tagged with Sterek on AO3. Do you think we can get that to 30K before Season 4? We do! Get out all those ideas you’ve been pondering, post your tumblr drabbles and ficlets, co-write with a friend - whatever it takes to help that number grow. (Note: if anyone needs an invite to AO3, please let us know!)

The Fic Club returns every Tuesday. Next week, the first list will be published by [ profile] theofficialstereklibrary. Send your fics to us and have fun!


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