Jun. 4th, 2014

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Come check out our fourth Fandom Showcase!

As you know, we’re featuring our favorite creators during the hiatus, along with some of your suggestions. This week, we’re bringing you five talented crafters. We sent these names over to our affiliate at [tumblr.com profile] teamsterekonline and they have conducted interviews with each of the chosen crafters so we can get to know them better!

To find these interviews and links to the editors’ videos, follow these links:

Next week, we’ll be featuring more Sterek writers! To suggest your favorite writer, fill out THIS FORM before midnight Sunday EST and we’ll check them out!
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Fic Club Round #5 Recs
Topic: College and Fake Relationship

For the full list recs, go HERE (awesomely compiled by [tumblr.com profile] werewolfwagon
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We just want to say - WOW! Fic Club’s fifth week resulted in 100 fic recs!

You can check out the fic rec list produced from your suggestions over at WereWolfWagon.

Can we finish out our hiatus strong? We think so!

The tropes for this week are:
Kid Fic
Office AU / Coworkers

You can recommend these fics to us using THIS FORM starting now until midnight EST on Sunday. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Don’t forget our ao3 fic goal! We’re currently at 25332 Sterek entries on ao3’s archive and our goal is to get to 30k!! Write those drabbles you’ve been pondering, finish those unposted WIP fics, post your Tumblr ficlets, post your art and podfics - anything it takes to get that number up!

Also remember our challenge to all the Sterek fic readers: for every three fics you read, leave two kudos and one comment! Don’t forget to make use of our review template! Leave it as a comment or post it on your blog to spread your favorite fics around fandom :)
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The Battles rage on! We’ve got 22 brackets set for Round 5 of our Graphics Battles!

If you’ve signed up for a battle, please find your name HERE and get in contact with your partner to discuss posting time (anytime in the next 7 days!) and anything else you feel is necessary. When you post your graphics, make sure to use the tag #SCGFX within the first five tags so our affiliate over at Team Sterek Online can find your graphic!

We are also opening sign-ups for the final round of the Graphics Battles! Even if you signed up for previous rounds, you still must sign up for Round 6 so we can match you based on theme preferences.

Sixth round themes are:
Photo set: powerful canon quote
Gif set: AU

Fill out THIS FORM to sign up for Round 6, and we’ll be announcing brackets next Wednesday.

To keep up with our schedule, check out this calendar.

REMINDER! We’ve been so impressed with the incredible participation in our battles that we have decided that everyone who participates in the battles will be receiving one of our amazing Sterek wristbands! Round 6 is the last chance to participate and receive one of these free gifts.


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