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Graphic artists, gear up for some friendly competition!

We want to inspire and motivate the amazing graphic artists in this fandom, so we’ve organized six weekly battles to get those creative juices flowing. Here’s how it’s going to work:

Every week, from Wednesday to Sunday, the SC will open sign ups for any and all graphic makers that want to participate in that round. That way, artists can sign up for some weeks and not the others, or sign up for all six to keep active during the hiatus!

We’ll close sign ups for each round every Sunday at midnight EST. The next Wednesday, we will announce the participants of the current round and open up sign-ups for the next one. Graphic makers will have from Thursday to Wednesday to post their graphics, which will be reblogged by our collaborator [ profile] teamsterekonline! (be sure to follow to see all of the artwork!).

There will be six rounds in total and each round will have two theme options. Graphic artists will indicate which of the two themes they wish to do on their entry form and we will use that to pair everyone up for battles! This is a great way to test your skills and get to know new graphic artists :)

  • This week’s theme options are:

faceless + orange/blue


up close + black/white

To sign up for the first round, fill out THIS FORM!

To see a detailed posting schedule, click here.

Very Important: When you post your graphic, be sure to use the tag #SCGFX within the first five tags so that we can find them to showcase over at TeamSterek! Other great tags to include are #sterek, #haleinski, #eternalsterek and #sterekedit.

The Sterek Campaign wishes to create a friendly competition, and as such we won’t be picking winners. Everyone who participates is a winner to us, so we’ll be giving out participation prizes to our dedicated artists by the end of the six rounds. We’ll also compile a masterpost of all of the graphics made during the battles and post it here.

Let’s get ready to rumble!!

*If you will be participating through DW only, you can comment on this post with links to your graphics, but be sure to sign-up using the form up above!


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